Hello, and Welcome

Hi there -  my name is Michael, and I'd like to take your picture.

I'm a recovering tech person (UX designer), and former RN with degrees from Boston University and UC San Francisco. So I've worn a bunch of hats in my life. My latest hat is photography, although I have used a camera since high school, when my mom used to bang on the darkroom door at midnight telling me to go to sleep. 

I find people and life endlessly fascinating, and having a camera means I get to be invited to see things and meet people I'd never be able to without one. It's a great life. I also like to make people happy, and for me the real payoff in this work is to see the smiles of clients and friends, and to see a photo of mine on their wall, or on their Facebook profile, or especially if they tell me it made them feel good about themselves.

I've been married to the same beautiful, wonderful woman since 1986. Her name is Jackie and if you see pictures of a girl with curly red hear on my site, that's her. We have one son, Brendan, and he's a line cook in Mill Valley CA and sometimes crab fisherman. I also love anything on two wheels, as you might have guessed from the photo. Ducati Streetfighter and Vespa GTS 300 to be exact; kind of a yin-yang thing there.

For the photo geeks out there, I use mainly Leica gear, and also shoot medium format film because I'm a little bit crazy.

Sadly my mom is no longer around to tell me it's time to go to bed, so I spend way too many hours fooling around with this stuff.

Photo credit: Oz Lang Photography